Jesus Understands My Problems (JUMP) Youth Ministry


Ministry Leaders

Rev. William Rocky Brown (Spiritual Advisor)

Jeanette Ricketts (Ministry Leader & Advisor)

Denise Poller (Advisor)

Kenya Lindsey (Advisor)

Magan S. Davis (Advisor)

Victoria Brown (Advisor)

Ministry Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a safe environment that helps and allows young people to develop skills, assets, and confidence in order to reach their full God- given potential.

What We Do

Our goal is to provide experiences that are fun, adventurous, educational, thought provoking, and life-changing. Some of the ways that we promote and accomplish this goal is as follows:

Discussion of monthly topics that relate to our youth’s everyday life experiences which include, but are not limited to the following:

o Etiquette

o Social/Cyber Media

o Self Esteem

o Education

o Love, Respect, & Friendships

· Journaling

· Weekly Scripture Meditation & Discussion

· Volunteerism

· Special Events

· Peer Encouragement/Mentoring

When We Meet

1st and 3rd Sunday during the sermon in the annex

2nd Friday of each month for our “Fun Night”