Ministry Name: United Voices of Fellowship


Ministry Leaders: Velinda D. Banks, President

                                Pam Sullivan, Vice President


Ministry Mission: To worship and glorify God, ministry in song's that God may be glorified and the saints of God edified. Amen.


What you Do: Under the vision of Mrs. Janice Glass our Director of Music , We the Faith Fellowship choir have rehearsals that we faithfully attend  in order to learn, lead, and sing various types of Gospel music.  On the  2nd Sunday and third of each  month,  Voices of Fellowship sings and praise God to the highest. Our faithful servants of God supports the Mass choir , Funerals services, Candle Light service, and outside  engagement when requested by our Pastor. 


                         ( We Praise ye the Lord, sing unto the Lord a new song, and his Praise in the Congregation
of Saint 's) Psalms 149:1


 Voices of Fellowshp has an open door to Welcoming  New Members who are dedicated and love to sing praises unto the Lord.

Velinda Banks, Ministry Leader
Address:1121 Tilghman St.
 Chester, PA 19013